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First-line efficacy

Tarceva first-line for EGFR Mut+ NSCLC

Tarceva has been proven to extend progression-free survival (PFS) in both Caucasian and Asian populations.1,2


  • The first phase III trial in Caucasians with EGFR Mut+ NSCLC
  • Tarceva median PFS was nearly double that of first-line chemotherapy



  • Over 1 year PFS in Asian with EGFR Mut+ NSCLC
  • Tarceva median PFS was nearly triple that of first-line chemotherapy


Post-platinum efficacy

Tarceva post-platinum in advanced NSCLC

Tarceva has demonstrated comparable efficacy to chemotherary (Phase III TITAN study)5

Overall survival in ITT population


Tarceva is the only second-line therapy proven to significantly improve Quality of Life (QoL) versus placebo (Phase III BR.21 study)6

Quality of life (QoL) of Tarceva vs. Placebo in 2L NSCLC


The efficacy of Tarceva is regardless of histology (Phase III TITAN study)5

Overall survival: Subgroup analysis according to history


or EGFR mutation status:
Tarceva is efficacious in both EGFR Mut+ and wild-type NSCLC (Phase III TITAN study)5

Overall survival in patietnts with EGFR wild-type



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The EU product label for Tarceva is available in different languages.

Mechanism of action

Mechanism of Action

Click to access and download the new Tarceva mechanism of action video.

New indication for Tarceva

Tarceva is now approved for first-line therapy of EGFR Mut+ NSCLC.

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